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Opening a branch office or starting new activities out of the Netherlands? We are your right-hand regarding your Human Resources matters in the Netherlands. MO-HR is specialized in HR outsourcing and solves your employer issues and helps you out with your local Human Resources practice. We arrange your payroll and personnel administration, give human resources advice and help you with your payroll, tax and labor law related issues. We deliver good service by combining international experience with a personal touch. 

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Payroll and tax matters

We are experienced in international HR issues. We help foreign companies to set up and process their payroll in the Netherlands. We are specialized in employment tax related matters, fiscal law f.e. 30% rulings. We support companies with their salary and employees administration.  

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MO-HR as your service desk

MO-HR functions as a service desk where clients can get assistance on all matters concerning personnel. We can help you set up a (local) company policy. You will be given a contact who will answer your questions and deal with your personnel administration, take care of sick leave and absenteeism, keep information on employment conditions and company rules up to date, and give advice on personnel matters. The client’s objectives for the organization and its staffing policy remain the key. 

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Occupational doctors, labor and tax specialists

If needed your company can call upon occupational doctors, labor law, tax specialists and our trainers/coaches, as required. All the different parties you have agreements with concerning your business can now be dealt with efficiently by MO-HR.

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MO-HR can assist you on:

  • Residence & Work permit: To be able to start up a business here, depending coming abroad from the  EU, EEA and Swiss  you will need to apply for a provisional residence permit (MVV) and in some cases a work permit (TWV). MO-HR can assist you on this.
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MO-HR can assist you on:

  • Residence permit for self-employed: In the Netherlands, it is possible to apply for a residence permit as a self-employed entrepreneur. This application works with a points-based system, for which a minimum number of points must be met for the application to be successful. Importantly, the enterprise must serve an essential Dutch interest
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MO-HR can assist you on:

  • Startup visa for entrepreneurs: The Netherlands offers a residence permit known as the startup visa. This one-year residence permit is specifically tailored to international entrepreneurs who want to launch a business in the Netherlands.
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Starting a business in the Netherlands? 1/3

 MO-HR  can guide you:

  • Start up your (tax) administration in the Netherlands
  • Starting your payroll administration
  • Starting your personnel administration
  • Digital providing pay-slips, bookkeeping reports, tax returns, holiday management

Your administration is accessible via our online HR tool.

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Starting a business in the Netherlands? 2/3

MO-HR provides a package for:

  • Payroll services
  • Personnel administration
  • Online support daily by our own Service desk


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Starting a business in the Netherlands? 3/3

Additional we can help you on an hourly basis with:

  • Custom made company policies for your (Dutch) employees
  • Human Resource management advice
  • Tax rulings for tax advantage for foreign employees
  • Advise on social security and pension plans
  • Occupational health physicians in case of sick leave or absenteeism
  • Case management and re-integration to the accompaniment of employees on sick leave
  • Advice on labor or fiscal law from our professionals
  • Training and coaching


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