The start-up visa

If you are planning to start your own business, then the start-up visa is a residence permit option since it’s officially called a “residence permit for start-up entrepreneurs”

The start-up visa gives ambitious starters a year to start an innovative company in the Netherlands. In this period they will receive a great deal of support since it is not only good for the entrepreneur but also for the Dutch economy and employment.


Visa start-up requirements

To obtain the start-up visa you need to meet specific requirements before you submit your application to the IND.

  • The applicant must have a valid passport.
  • The applicant doesn’t pose a threat to public order or national security.
  • The applicant must take out Dutch health insurance when he arrives in the Netherlands.
  • The applicant must have an agreement to work together with a recognized facilitator (RVO). as a mentor. The applicant and the facilitator must officially establish a cooperation by signing an agreement. More information can be found on the RVO website
  • There is a solid business plan and the product or service is innovative. More information on what constitutes an innovative business can be found on the RVO website.
  • The start-up must be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK).
  • The applicant must have sufficient financial resources to live in the Netherlands. This can be done by providing a bank statement or proof of investment by a third party in your residency. It is not possible to rely on public funding as a financial resource.

Citizens of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland do not require a start-up visa to live and work in the Netherlands as they are already entitled to do so under EU law.



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